World Mental Health Day: Don't Chase The World

Posted at 08:33am on 10th October 2018


Why do I feel such a waste of space?

Why is life always such a race –

To emulate, or, better yet

To surpass the success with which others have met?


Is this the world in which I live?

Is this the future I wish to give

To those who follow on from me,

An arduous journey, from which they could be free?


Personal beauty, arts and craft

Have become the norm on which we graft

Our aspirations – so unreal -

Whipped up by a media intent on a deal.


Led on a chain, we trail along,

Slaves to a falsehood, we follow the throng.

So what does it take just to break free?

Can I ever believe I might simply be me?


Go out of town, break free from the noise.

Leave the shops and adverts, the techno toys.

Aim for the world that God has made

See *real* beauty and craft before me laid.


The moorland stretches far and wide

Neath an empty sky in which white clouds glide.

Purple heather blows in a gentle breeze

Midst yellow gorse and an absence of trees.


Creation, there, lies at my feet

In a haven of peace where I might meet

The One who formed me in the womb

The One who all my doubts will entomb.

© Mel Menzies

8th October, 2018

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