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What’s Wrong With Human Rights? By David Cross - Book Club Summary

Quotes from the book are in italics.

Never, before, have I made so many highlights in a book!  As my Book Club members said when we met yesterday evening, this was certainly a narrative that opened up debate, on a subject not often discussed.  With so much material to grapple with,...

Posted at 18:20pm on 13th July 2019

Can Drama Be An Aid To Wellbeing?

Oh, yes!  BAFTA winning actress, Jessica Hynes, who starred in the BBC Comedy Drama W1A, with Hugh Bonneville, is campaigning for drama to be given greater prominence in schools.  This, she believes, can boost mental health and wellbeing in young people.  I’m convinced that she is right.  Here’s why.


Posted at 17:37pm on 30th May 2019

Bodacious The Shepherd Cat By Suzanna Crampton

‘What I love about Book Club, is that it makes me read books I might never, otherwise, have chosen.’

So said one member of our group when we met, yesterday, to discuss our take on Bodacious, The Shepherd Cat.  How right she was!  A book, supposedly written by a cat?  Is...

Posted at 17:43pm on 16th May 2019

Creative Writing Workshop: Digging Deep For Plots

Last week we began a Creative  Writing Workshop, and I asked the question, Are You On the Right Track?  There was nothing flippant about this.  Before you begin to write your book, there are questions to be asked.  And answered!

The content of this, and future tutorials, will be the result...

Posted at 15:38pm on 30th March 2019

Creative Writing Workshop Introduction – Are You On The Right Track?

Right, let’s see.  Are you on the right track?  Is it that you want to write a book but don’t know where to start?  Or that you’ve already written your book, but don’t know how to get it published?

From past experience, over many decades, I think I have some idea...

Posted at 14:42pm on 30th March 2019

The Making Of Us By Sheridan Voysey - Book Review


I love Sheridan’s lyrical style of writing – so inviting, so personal, so picturesque.  Right from the first page, I found myself enthralled, as if I were meeting someone whom I knew, instantly, was going to become a friend.  Likewise, when grappling with sorrow and loss,...

Posted at 14:43pm on 23rd March 2019

Catching Contentment By Liz Carter - Book Club Discussion

I first heard of Liz Carter’s book, Catching Contentment, when I read, somewhere, that she had suffered a lifelong illness.  Instantly, that resonated with me.  Having undergone a similar experience, myself, I felt a closeness with Liz that belied the fact that we had never met, nor communicated in any...

Posted at 17:45pm on 15th March 2019

Inside Out

‘Making clean-eating a dirty word gets my vote’, so says Bryony Gordon in The Daily Telegraph.  Quoting the Duchess of Cornwall, who was speaking at a reception for the Royal Osteoporosis Society, she warned young women against ‘fad diets’ which have the potential of making them ill.  Lack of dairy...

Posted at 16:10pm on 26th February 2019

Encountering The God Who Heals - Book Club Review

This book, Encountering The God Who Heals, was recommended by a man who had heard John Ryeland speak, and was greatly enthused by what he had to say.  Personally, as I told my Book Club members, I didn’t find it an easy read but that, I felt, had more to...

Posted at 10:50am on 18th November 2018

Eleanor Oliphant Is Absolutely Fine - Book Club Review

Have you ever been aware of others talking about you behind your back?  Perhaps when you’ve been  standing alone, catching the flickering glances of a nearby group?  Knowing, without doubt, that the whispered exchanges in some way refer to you?

So how did it feel?  Especially if, like Katie Piper, for...

Posted at 15:23pm on 15th November 2018
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