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Feeling valued – by yourself as well as others - is probably the most important element of human life. A sense of worth is the basis of love, affection, friendship, happiness, and a feeling of contentment and well being. Yet how many of us go through life unsure of ourselves; undervaluing our achievements; and with our potential unrealised?

  • Do you ever feel you don't fit in? As though you're the only one not making connections?
  • Have you ever wondered who you are? The Real You?
  • Do you sometimes feel like a spare part? A part of something that doesn’t seem to exist anymore – if it ever did?
  • Do you frequently go unheard by those around you?
  • Or is what you have to say often misunderstood, or considered irrelevant?
  • Is your perception of people - your perception of the world – sometimes called into question when you make decisions?
  • Do you sometimes wish you were more decisive? Or more flexible?


Many of us go through life striving to be something, or someone, we’re not. Perhaps, like me, for all the “right” reasons, your parents put pressure on you to follow in their footsteps (what I call being made in their image)? Or maybe they wanted you to accomplish something at which they failed, so that, vicariously, their dreams might be fulfilled?

Alternatively, you may look at the world around you and make unfavourable comparisons with yourself. Everyone else is slimmer, fitter, prettier, more intellectual, richer, more successful. Go on! Be honest. How many of those comparisons did you tick, mentally?


It has been said that the gods of the age are Fame, Fashion, Fitness and Finance and, of course, Fornication (sex). By all accounts, when we measure ourselves against others in any of these respects, we find ourselves failing. Failing and flawed!

Bombarded, as we are, with media hype making promises of greater and greater expectation, how can we fail to fail? Someone, somewhere, will always appear to do better than you. And when even the benefits of the power of positive thinking are being debunked, as counterproductive, what are we left with? Only Ourselves! As we are. The Real Me. The Real You.


Happiness and a sense of well-being is now thought to be based on acceptance, mindful awareness, wisdom and compassion. That means jettisoning the concept of constant – and elusive – self-improvement, and quite simply enjoying being who you are. But first you need to know and understand who that person is. That secret Me.

Myers Briggs type indicators, based on the findings of the Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, are widely used in all walks of life to help people to accept, develop and enlarge their understanding of themselves - and the people in their lives with whom they interact. Taking a Myers Briggs tutorial was one of the most liberating things I have done in my life. It set me free from the tyranny of other people’s expectations. It cut me loose from my own sense of failure.


If you have never been to a live seminar, I urge you to do so. In the meantime, the series of tests that follow will help you to find out who the Real You is. I have used this method to help others in workshop and conference situations and seen the difference it can make to people’s self-confidence and relationships. In discovering your interpersonal strengths and weaknesses; your parenting skills; and what you have to offer in the realms of work and creativity you will, I promise you, be empowered to live a more fulfilled and exciting life.


As an author, I find personality profiling invaluable whenever I undertake a piece of creative writing. So if you’re a novelist and want to develop your characters in a more rounded manner, use the profiles to do so. I’m sure you’ll find it illuminating.

Or if you simply want a bit of fun, or a different perception of life:

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