Make The World A Better Place: Be A Cookie

Posted at 03:57am on 3rd July 2009

One of the seminars I attended at the Conference at which I was speaking last week was about seeing your life as a cookie. Kathy See is the editor of Revive magazine and she wanted us to focus on our self-perception and what we might be able to offer in terms of writing a short inspirational article. The idea is that we all have a story to tell when it comes to making the world a better place. And naturally, as a keen cook, and mommy to two little boys, Kathy expressed herself in culinary language.


It took me only a short time to decide that if I were to write my personality report as a cookie recipe, I’d be one of those coconut pyramid things. So here's a list of the ingredients, method and description.

  • Simple ingredients: the life-giving creativity of egg-white (readers tell me that my writing has sometimes transformed lives); the milky, fibrous nourishment of coconut (I hope my public speaking events sustain and feed those who hear me); the sweet naughtiness of sugar (the fun and laughter I experienced at that conference was so rewarding!)
  • Complex combination of possibilities in form and shape. I’m probably not the easiest person in the world when it comes to knowing me and understanding me – but that’s because I’m deep. Persevere – please do!
  • A little misshapen on the outside due to the hard knocks of life I’ve suffered because of broken relationships, bereavement, rejection and betrayal.
  • A crispy outer shell – perhaps a little self-protective at times?
  • Browned off and really overdone in places, when I see the injustice and indifference in the world. I can be passionate and outspoken when my values are threatened.
  • May be quite crumbly if mishandled, but am more than willing for those crumbs to be dabbed up and consumed by others. (The crumbs are always the best bit!)
  • Terribly soft and gooey on the inside – easily reduced to tears on behalf of those who are hurting.
  • And very, very sticky! If I’m your friend, there’s no getting rid of me. I’m gonna be around for a long, long time.

So I’d like to offer this piece to you, now. If you were to write your personality report as a recipe for cookies, how it would it look?

  • Which cookie would you be?
  • What ingredients would it contain?
  • How might they be combined?
  • What shape would your cookie be?
  • What consistency would it have: crisp, crunchy, soft, sticky?

Here’s what to do, and what’s in it for you:

  1. Write your cookie recipe up in the comment box.
  2. There’s a free copy of my novel, A Painful Post Mortem, for the best entry.
  3. The top three entries will be published on my website.
  4. And I’ll send them to Kathy See to find out if she’d like to publish them in her magazine.

Don’t forget, this is a personality report written in the form of a cookie recipe, showing how you, as a cookie, might help to make the world a better place by showing others that they’re not alone.

Your Comments:

10th July 2009
at 2:24am

My cookie would be square or even better still, octagonal, so as
to escape being categorised although I still want it in a regular
symmentrical form. I do not want it to fit in with everyone else!
Thre is roiom for all the non conformists.

There would be indentations to allow it to be broken and used at
various times and places, piece by piece: just as I have many
aspects to my present life.

I would comprise flour - simple but fundamental and speakign to
me of life; sweetening would be from dark treacle as I like the
hint of mystery and a sense of the unexpecetd , the non routine.
There would be many different soft luscious fruits included as an
indication of my multitude of interests. So as you bite into the
cookie you are never quite sure what you will get today - nor do

It would be topped off with a soft icing sugar in a variety of
colour - purple or orange or vivid red - just like my ties and
pocket handkerchieves I still wear after all these years: not
essential but a piece of nonsense I consider "me".

It would probably have a brittle nature reflecting the impact of
much in my life but I want it to have soft melt in the mouth taste
- a gentler experience despite its possibly unusual, but hopefully
not off-putting appearance.

Mel Menzies
10th July 2009
at 6:21am

What a highly original and interesting cookie you must be,
Herbert! I'm not sure I'd find the angularity quite
comfortable, but I like the willingness to be broken and used. And
I love the nonsense aspects. Well done!

Now, who's going to be next?

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