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Posted at 22:41pm on 12th March 2020

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, bedroom and indoor Oh, how I love our NHS!  I went, today, to have the stitches removed, following surgery on my shoulder and arm.  Our doctors’ surgery, plus another, is currently closed because of coronavirus infection.  As a result, all patients have had to be taken on by another health centre in town.

The car park was full so I went in alone and, having checked in, found my way downstairs.  The practice nurse greeted me with the fact that she had had exactly the same operation as mine, only a year ago, and that the surgeon's findings had been identical to mine.

‘We could be sisters!’ she said.

Radiating sympathy and understanding, she told me it would be sometime before I’d be completely pain-free, and gently removed the dressing.

‘I blame my mother,’ she said, smiling as she snipped away at my stitches.  ‘I’ve obviously inherited her lousy bones.’

I laughed and told her that both my mother and sister had had new knees.

Sharing notes about the difficulties we’d encountered during the weeks in a sling following surgery, I told her how I’d literally had my knickers in a twist only the day before.

‘We are, we’re sisters,’ she laughed, recounting the problems she’d encountered.

Learning that she was part of the team from my doctors’ surgery, I praised her for all the extra responsibilities she must have incurred because of the Covid 19 pandemic, and asked her name.

‘So you’re Marie,’ I replied, ‘and my name shortens to Merry.’

‘There you are, then!’  she laughed.  ‘I knew it.  We’re definitely twins,’.

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