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Love You Nhs

Oh, how I love our NHS! I went, today, to have the stitches removed, following surgery on my shoulder and arm. Our doctors' surgery, plus another, is currently closed because of coronavirus infection. As a result, all patients have had to be taken on by another...

Posted at 15:41pm on 12th March 2020

Lessons Learned From Life Re Politics


God gave me an apple tree in the Garden of Eden.
It will provide shelter for my family
It will feed my family
Fallen branches will cook my food and heat my home
I shall work hard and create an orchard


Dad passed his...

Posted at 06:02am on 6th May 2017

Spoof Poetry: Or Gripes From The Chancel

No time for a blog today because we're about to go away for the weekend. So I thought I'd put up this poem for your enjoyment. It was sent to me some years ago.


(Tune: St. Denio)

1. Immoral, impossible, God only knows
how tenors and basses, sopranos, altos

Posted at 22:10pm on 19th March 2010

Les Holidays Anglaise

If you don’t mind having to flush the odd, alien, pubic hair from the shower tray, and polish your cutlery before eating, les holidays anglaise take a lot of beating. I am not, you understand, referring, here, to the fortnight in an Eastbourne hotel or boarding house favoured by my parents’ generation during my childhood,...

Posted at 11:51am on 22nd June 2009

Proof That God Does Not Exist? Look No Further Than A Bendy Bus!

There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life. So says the 800 or so advertisements that now adorn London’s bendy-buses, as the result of a campaign by The British Humanist Society (BHA), funded by Prof. Richard Dawkins.

Really? Now what do you say to that?

Much has been made of that word ‘probably’....

Posted at 12:44pm on 11th January 2009

Animal Rights Stuff

This surely has to be the stuff of comedy? I mean I know we, in Britain, are a nation of animal lovers, but do we need a whacking great document telling us how we should look after them, with a threat of a £20,000 fine if we stray from the guidelines? What are these people...

Posted at 15:40pm on 8th November 2008

Horsing About - Internet Stupidity On Delusion

On page 6 in the Daily Telegraph, dated 21st October, 2008, there was a short piece titled ‘Internet encourages stupidity’. A serious study of the rise in children’s addiction to ‘an endless digital forest of mediocrity’ and decline in moral boundaries, it called for a government clean-up. It appears, also, that an increase in blogging blurs...

Posted at 12:20pm on 22nd October 2008

Dry Mouth And Sinking Stomach - Photographer V Dentist

Dry mouth and sinking stomach.

‘Without wishing to cast aspersions on your profession,’ I said to the photographer, ‘I should tell you that as far as I’m concerned, having my photograph taken is akin to having teeth pulled.’

Actually, I’ve never had teeth pulled – but the sensations I experienced as my sitting room was invaded...

Posted at 10:15am on 29th July 2008

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