Dear Mel, How Can I Promote My Book On Radio Shows?

Posted at 09:16am on 7th April 2012

Dear Mel,

We "met" on LinkedIn. I recently visited your website and enjoyed a few of the many things you offer. Something that struck me is the similarity of our book covers. You can see mine at I've written two books on grief recovery (any type of loss) and conduct on-going workshops. I've done 2 or 3 radio interviews and am thinking of doing more. What's the best way to go about it? Do you have any internet radio show that you recommend? As for speaking engagements...can you offer any tips, insights, contacts, etc.
Thank you for reading my letter. I look forward to a reply at your earliest convenience. Your help is much appreciated.
Hi Pauline,
Great to connect via LinkedIn; thank you for making contact with me.  You're right about the book covers, yours and mine, they are very similar.  I think, when I chose mine for A Painful Post Mortem, I felt, instinctively that the brooding darkness of the earth, above which hovered the uplifting warmth and light of the sunset, symbolised the true message of my book: look upwards.


Inspired by a real life story of hope, following bereavement, my book is a novel, which I'm told by readers, is sometimes an easier way to learn about bereavement than reading non-fiction. It also contains a bereavement poem titled Death Is But A Door, which, although my copyright, I grant free permission for use by those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, plus other poetry for the bereaved. In addition, I offer a number of articles giving practical and emotional support under the category Bereavement on my Home Page.


If you have an expertise - as you evidently have - then you will be in demand.  You say you've already done two or three radio interviews?  How about offering yourself as an expert on a national chat show?  I've been a guest on a number of phone-in radio shows, all of which were presented by well-known personalities.  Radio 5 Live do this sort of thing.  So do Premier Radio.


But I digress! You asked how to go about approaching the producers of radio shows, with a view to speaking about bereavement, and the books you've written on the subject.  Here's what I suggest.


  • Put together a one page CV to send out, listing your credentials and your books.
  • Google each radio station to find out the name of the producer and presenter.
  • Send a personal letter addressing them by name, together with your CV.
  • Tell them the sort of thing you have in mind.
  • If you can link your expertise to a topical story - such as the BBC Panorama programme (6th February, 2012) on cyber bullying / teenage suicide - so much the better.
  • Send the same CV to your local radio stations.
  • Contact Dr Gloria Horsley of Open to Hope Foundation. I've been a guest on her internet radio show, and I know that she regularly interviews authors of grief books.
  • Be bold.  Instead of asking if you may be a guest, offer to host a regular show.
  • Write in your local newspaper.  Again, offer to write a regular column.
  • In respect of speaking engagements, contact your local Mother's Union, Probus, Round Table, schools and any other organisations you can think of.  As above, send them your CV.
Hope this has been of help, and I wish you well. I'm sure that what you have to offer will be greatly appreciated by those who have lost loved ones.
Note: Mel Menzies accepts no responsibility for the validity of claims made by readers of her blog writing to Dear Mel.
Author of a number of books, one a No 4 Bestseller, Mel Menzies is also an experienced Speaker at live events, as well as on Radio and TV. Book her here for your event.
All proceeds from Mel’s latest novel, A Painful Post Mortem, are for charities benefiting children worldwide. Buy a copy here and help raise cash for children like Rachel, who, at 13 is mother to 6 kids orphaned by AIDS, or this project, drug-proofing teenagers in the UK

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10th April 2012
at 11:19am
Dear Mel,

Thank you very much for your reply to my inquiry and the detailed information you provided regarding the procedure for contacting radio stations. I've done some public speaking (clubs, organizations, two unviersities) however, I don't consider myself a "seasoned" speaker so I look forward to reading your articles on public speaking and gaining additional insight.

Thanks again. Your help is much appreciated.

Paulina Rael Jaramillo
11th April 2012
at 8:27am
You're welcome, Paulina. What you have to offer on your website must be of tremendous help and encouragement to those going through a bereavement - whether that is loss through death, dementia or any other means. I'm quite sure that you must be equally effective as a speaker. Hope you are successful in acquiring a good many speaking engagements.
12th April 2012
at 12:52pm
Your comments regarding how to get on a radio show were very good. And once you get on one radio show the door will open to other radio shows and even TV. Thanks and good luck. Edward Smith.
30th April 2012
at 12:59pm
Sorry, Edward, for the delay in responding to your comment. My service provider failed to notify me. Are you I'm radio? You sound as if you have persona experience or insider knowledge?
3rd July 2012
at 1:51pm
The loss of a loved one can really be a devastating experience to anyone. I believe it would help make it a little less difficult if they take a look at Knowing someone else is going through the same thing helped me cope when I went through the same ordeal.
Mel Menzies
6th July 2012
at 8:36am
Thank you Andi. You're so right. Being able to share the burden of bereavement with others who are going through it - even if you say nothing to one another but simply give one another your support and understanding - is invaluable.

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