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The Power Of Platform: How To Promote Your Product Without Being Pushy

As a writer, and author of books, do you ever feel – as I have done – that when it comes to promoting your product, you simply don’t have it in you?  The prospect of booking speaking engagements is beyond you.  The possibility of standing before an audience and persuading...

Posted at 16:02pm on 6th November 2019

So You're Planning A Book Launch. Do You Know What You're Doing?


With all the trauma of the British referendum to leave the European Union last week, I can’t quite believe that it’s now a fortnight since the launch of my latest book, Chosen?  The second novel in the Evie Adams series, it is set in Devon as was the...

Posted at 12:54pm on 30th June 2016

Dear Mel, How Can I Promote My Book On Radio Shows?

Dear Mel,

We "met" on LinkedIn. I recently visited your website and enjoyed a few of the many things you offer. Something that struck me is the similarity of our book covers. You can see mine at I've written two books on grief recovery (any type of loss) and conduct...
Posted at 17:16pm on 7th April 2012

Dear Mel, How Can I Approach Radio Shows To Promote My Book?


Dear Mel,

We "met" on LinkedIn. I recently visited your website and enjoyed a few of the many things you offer. Something that struck me is the similarity of our book covers. You can see mine at

Posted at 15:00pm on 6th April 2012

The Reality Of Being An Author: Marketing

Last month, I wrote about a reader of my website, Skye, who had written to me for advice about her first self-published novel.  Her initial question was simply one of discouragement.  I say "simply", but there's nothing simple about the sense of isolation one can feel as an author.  And...

Posted at 16:15pm on 3rd December 2011

Godparents - What Should They Do? Anna Ford And Martin Amis At Loggerheads

Godparents - what are they and what is expected from them? In times of falling church numbers, it may seem almost anachronistic to be asking. However, it appears to be a hot topic!


I arrived home from holiday today and, within ten minutes of stepping through the...

Posted at 04:23am on 27th February 2010

Successful Step-parenting: If Ozzy Osbourne Can Do It, So Can You!

I was asked by BBC Radio Birmingham to be their 'expert' on this morning's discussion on step-parenting. I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve been interviewed in connection with my book, Stepfamilies, but I suppose, given that something like one in eight British children are now growing up in a blended family, it’s a hot topic.

Posted at 19:57pm on 8th October 2009

Successful Step Parenting: Three Potential Pitfalls - No 2 Coping With Step Children

Only a day after doing the BBC Newcastle Breakfast Show, I had a phone call from BBC Birmingham, asking me to kick off the debate on Sunday morning 9.05 a.m. on – guess what – stepfamilies! What’s going on here?

In my blog of a couple of days ago, I identified the three potential pitfalls...

Posted at 02:59am on 22nd August 2009

Successful Step Parenting: Three Potential Pitfalls - No. 1 Financial

BBC Radio Newcastle, which serves an area from the Scottish Borders to Durham, asked me to speak, this morning, on whether stepfamilies could ever be as successful and harmonious as biological families.

As before, on my interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, I answered a resounding Yes. From personal experience, plus observation of the families I...

Posted at 23:22pm on 18th August 2009

What Is The Role Of Godparents: Are They Really Relevant Today?


It seems strange, in this highly secularised world, that the concept of Godparents appears to be such a hot topic. It makes you wonder if, despite our anti-religious dogma, we’re not – deep down – actually spiritual beings after all.

Well, of course, I’m in no doubt that we are! But...

Posted at 09:00am on 14th August 2009

Using Visual Aids In Presentations: Tips On How To Prepare For A Keynote Address

I began a series, recently, with a list of five practical ways to overcome a fear of speaking in public. The first item: Public speaking ideas: how they may be found and categorised, and the way in which they might be arranged to become a coherent talk, formed the basis of that post. I...

Posted at 01:47am on 28th July 2009

A Fear Of Speaking In Public: Five Practical Ways To Overcome It

You’ve been asked to do some public speaking for the Gardening Club, or Mums & Toddlers and frankly, you’re terrified. In fact your fear of speaking in public is enough to make you want to hang up your trowel and green wellies forever. And as for mums and toddlers, well your two-year-old is going...

Posted at 00:47am on 18th July 2009

Public Speaking As A Means To Enlarge My Vision: Part 2 - Receiving

I wrote, last week, about public speaking as being an act of investing in people, and suggested that it had a three dimensional nature: I give; I receive; I am filled. Having put in the effort to find out something about your audience, assembled your public speaking ideas and arranged them into a coherent...

Posted at 01:52am on 14th July 2009

Public Speaking As A Means To Enlarge My Vision: Part 1 - Preparing To Give

Public speaking for the dedicated communicator is so three dimensional. I give; I receive; I am filled. Or perhaps that should be: I am filled; I give; I receive. Let me explain.

Setting up a keynote address requires a huge effort. Especially if it includes visuals such as a Power Point Presentation. Hours of work...

Posted at 03:01am on 6th July 2009

Creative Writing Techniques: How To Write Good Dialogue

I wrote, in an earlier article, about the need to give readers plenty of white space on the page, and suggested that you aim for a clotted cream effect: solid lumps of differing sizes and consistency, floating in a soft smooth cream. The cream is the narrative of your novel. And at least some...

Posted at 20:23pm on 6th December 2008

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