Bank Of England Bail Out Versus House Repossessions 2008

Posted at 11:25am on 20th October 2008

Now I’m not an economist, and neither do I read economist reports. But I am a human being! And it seems to me that it’s not difficult to see a great injustice going on in today’s troubled times. What’s even more galling is that wherever you come across it, there’s always someone benefiting from injustice. With apologies to Matthew 18: 23-35 in the New Testament – see what you think:


There was once a Prime Minister who wanted to settle accounts with his banks. As he began the settlement, a bank which was several billion pounds adrift was brought to his attention. Since the bank was not able to pay, it looked as if the managers, CEO’s, shareholders, savers, their wives and children would go to the wall.


The bank fell on its knees before the Prime Minister. ‘Be patient with me,’ it begged, ‘and I will pay back everything.’ The Prime Minister took pity on the bank, paid it several billion pounds of taxpayers’ money, and that was that.

But when the bank went out, it found some taxpayers who – despite having had their taxes requisitioned to prop up the bank – still owed a few measly thousands on their mortgages. The bank grabbed them and began to choke them. ‘Pay back what you owe me!’ it demanded.


The taxpayers fell to their knees and begged the bank. ‘Be patient with us and we will pay you back.’

But the bank refused. Instead, it went off and had the taxpayers, their wives and their children, thrown out of their homes. When the other taxpayers saw what had happened, they were greatly distressed – but did little or nothing to protest about the injustice being meted out.


So – the Prime Minister, who’d been elected by the people as a servant of the people, but who didn’t bother to listen to the people, didn’t bother, either, to call the bank ‘wicked’. Nor to point out that because it had begged for mercy it had had all its debt settled (until it could repay it). Nor to chastise it unduly for not having mercy on its debtors.


Here’s your chance. If there are enough comments from YOU to warrant it, I’ll send this article to the appropriate body at Westminster. Be human! Stand up to mindless bureaucracy.

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