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Bank Of England Bail Out Versus House Repossessions 2008

Now I’m not an economist, and neither do I read economist reports. But I am a human being! And it seems to me that it’s not difficult to see a great injustice going on in today’s troubled times. What’s even more galling is that wherever you come across it, there’s always someone benefiting from injustice....

Posted at 19:25pm on 20th October 2008

Credit Crunch: The Personal Pain And Gain

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Watching the UK’s Channel 4 TV programme Dispatches on the human cost of the credit crunch was heartbreaking. First there was the man (Jamaican, I think) who’d worked all his life on the buses. Masking his...

Posted at 16:23pm on 24th September 2008

Ten Tips To Get Rid Of Debt

Revised & Updated 26th December, 2010  Related Posts: Click here: Ten Tips To Stay Free From Debt

As an author, its interesting to see how things come around again.  In an article I wrote in 1988 for a popular womens magazine, I stated that the UK...

Posted at 22:54pm on 22nd September 2008

How We Little People Can Change Big Bank Pay-outs - Open Letter To Lloyds Tsb

Mr Eric Daniels,
Lloyds TSB Chief

Dear Mr Daniels,


I see, from my Daily Telegraph today (and trust that this is accurate) that subsequent to your takeover of the failed bank HBOS, you are planning to give Mr Andy Hornby, the failed CEO of...

Posted at 22:26pm on 19th September 2008

Ten Tips To Stay Free From Debt

Revised: 10th December, 2009

The article that follows was written more than a year ago, when the true story of global recession was only beginning to unfold. Now, nearly fifteen months later, governments of all nationalities face unprecedented levels of indebtedness. And levels of unemployment, we’re told, are still set to rise. If you are one...

Posted at 01:56am on 16th September 2008

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