Divorce, Remarriage & Stepfamilies (Step Parenting)


When one of your children goes off the rails as mine did, the inevitable reaction is to feel incredibly guilty. Where did I go wrong? we ask.

In contrast, we may ask no such questions when it comes to a second marriage and forming part of a stepfamily. We risk learning nothing from past mistakes and may be oblivious to the possibility of repeating them.

These articles attempt to address some of these issues. They are the copyright of author, Mel Menzies, and may not be reproduced in any format without written permission from the author.

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A Painful Post Mortem inspired by the loss of my daughter, this novel is a contemporary story of grief and loss but, ultimately, one of enduring love, peace, and hope. Read about it and buy a copy of the book here. Or download the e-book here.


Ref No.

34 Divorce & Family Law - Does It Affect Us All?
88 Children In Divorce & Separation: A Christmas Tragedy
89 How To Recognise The Signs Of Relationship Breakdown
90 14 Ways To Avoid Stress & The Breakdown of A Relationship At Christmas
110 Ten Tips To Help You Avoid The Breakdown Of A Relationship
DM2 There Is Nothing Loving In Living A Lie: Telling Children The Truth About Divorce
DM10 Abusive Relationships And Those Trapped In Them


81 Successful Step Parenting: Do You Know What It Takes?
86 Step Parenting Advice: Don't Do It Unless You're Prepared To Work At It
114 Building Sustainable Relationships For Stepfamilies
153 Stable Stepfamilies Book Excerpt: Foreword
155 Remarriage: Laying Firm Foundations
158 Love And Commitment: The Basis Of A Stable Marriage
161 Marriage And Remarriage: When Two Halves Don't Make A Whole
164 Successful Step Parenting: Consider The Impact Of Divorce On Children
166 Successful Step Parenting: Dealing With The Loss Of A Parent
168 When You Marry Again, Are You Expecting A Replacement Parent For Your Children?
169 Feuding Families Versus The Stability A Single Parent Can Provide
174 Do False Expectations Of Marriage Cause Stepfamily Problems?
DM7 Daughter Catches Stepfather Out: Adolescent Brains Wired Differently
184 Successful Stepparenting Three Potential Pitfalls No 1 Financial
185 Successful Stepparenting Three Potential Pitfalls No 2 Coping With Step Children
186 Successful Stepparenting Three Potential Pitfalls No 3 Contact With Absent Parent
194 Successful Stepparenting: If Ozzy Osbourne Can Do It, So Can You!



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