Six Blogging Styles: Which Approach Turns You On?

Posted at 14:43pm on 23rd March 2009

Do you write and own a blog? Or are you simply a reader of blogs? If so, what sort of blog most turns you on? What makes you want to subscribe to regular updates? And what urges you to leave a comment?

I’m not asking you to describe the niche for which you’re writing, nor the niche you're reading: whether they’re blogs about marketing; faith; or news. What I’m asking is what style you respond best to? Whether you even know? And whether you believe it matters?

I happen to think that, if you’re a blogger yourself, it’s vitally important that you identify your preferences so as to adjust your style of writing. So I’m posing a list of questions for you to consider. And, where possible, I’ve put a blog for each category.

So here are the questions. Do you, like:

1. Informative Blogs

where the blogger is telling you something factual that you don’t know, and he/she comes across as an expert? Does this give you confidence? Or is it a big turn-off? eg: Manuscript Formatting

2. Opinion Based Blogs

which may be bland - or could be controversial? Perhaps even divisive? Do you see this as a worthwhile opportunity to look at life from a different viewpoint? Does this type of blog send you into a rage that has you clicking the Back Button as fast you can to shake the cyber-dust from your feet? Or do you admire bloggers who stick their heads above the parapet and risk being shot down? The similarities between myself and Julie Myerson was a wonderfully opinionated article by author Samantha Smythe (Lucy Cavendish) which prompted me to leave a comment.

3. A participating method

in which some information is offered, but where you, the visitor, are invited to offer your take on the topic? Does this make you feel a valued visitor? Or do you end up feeling that the blogger has little of value to offer you? And does an appeal to participate by donating or buying something at the end of a blog turn you off? eg: The integrity partnership between author and reader

4. A personal style

where the blogger tells you a story, or relays some anecdotal incident in order to get across a point? Does this make you feel that you are forging a relationship with the blogger? Do you feel a bond with those who share details that elicit sympathy, or understanding in you? Or do you find them cringey, and think of the bloggers as losers? Or worse, as loudmouths? eg: I am not a doormat! Are you?

5. An inspirational technique?

The sort of post that makes you want to go out and make changes in your life – hopefully something that will improve upon what you’re doing now or how you think of yourself. Or perhaps something like this Heart of Wisdom blog that will urge you into doing something life-changing for others?

6. I’ve left this style blank for you to suggest one that either pleases you or infuriates you.

Don't forget that what works for you as a blog reader, will probably also work for the blog you write. Do leave your comments. It helps us all if we can learn from one another.

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