Paedophiles Offered Castration, Daily Telegraph Reports

Posted at 22:59pm on 27th August 2008
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Paedophiles are to be offered a chemical castration following completion of their sentence, in order to prevent re-offending, so we’re told. The report reminded me of a story I heard recently, when we were dining with friends. Ted (not his real name) is a retired Headmaster and a Lay Preacher. At some point during his working career, he was asked if he would take a Sunday Service at the local prison. He readily agreed.

On arrival inside the gates, he followed the Prison Warden towards the Chapel at the centre of the grounds. But to his surprise, he was led past the building and through a second locked gate set into a high brick wall.

‘Don’t they have the Service in the Chapel?’ he asked.

‘Yeah. That lot do,’ the Warden jerked his thumb over his shoulder. ‘But not this lot in ’ere!’

‘That lot in ’ere’ turned out to be the sex offenders – primarily paedophiles – who were retained in an inner sanctum, securely out of sight of the main body of prisoners.

‘They wouldn’t last two minutes with that lot out there,’ said the Prison Warden. ‘They’d tear ’em limb from limb, they would.’

Ted was chastened. He looked over his shoulder, suddenly uncertain about what he’d let himself in for. He’d imagined himself offering comfort and hope to people who recognised their need. Instead, he was to preach to men considered by the criminal fraternity to be the lowest of the low. Animals, they called them.

‘How many of them come,’ he asked – nervous, but taking comfort in the thought that they would, in all likelihood, be few in number.

‘Oh, all of ’em,’ the Warden replied, heartily. ‘It gives ’em some’at to do. Some’at to look forward to all week.’

Ted gripped the Bible in his hand.

‘All I could think about,’ he told us over the dinner table, ‘was that there I was in the midst of all these men who had committed some of the most loathsome acts known to mankind. And why in heaven’s name had I been the one selected to minister to them? Me! A man of God, yes. But also a man who’d had the misfortune to see the other side.’

We nodded, in sympathy. Of course! As Head of a Primary School, he would have been responsible for recognising the symptoms of sex abuse among the children in his care. He might, also, have had to conduct a gentle enquiry of the child. To him, too, would have fallen the task of contacting Social Services. He would have had to watch as a family fell apart.

The thought of his having to bring God’s love, God’s forgiveness to the perpetrators of this monstrous crime was enough to make you shudder. Yet God’s love is not withheld from any who truly repent. And neither should whatever help may be available to the abusers of children. Be it psychiatric or chemical, better that than that we should go down the same road we’ve travelled before. Paedophiles may yet well argue that they were made this way by God. But God forfend that we should ever make that a reason for accepting this aberrant behaviour.

What's your view on this? Comments both for or against the idea of Chemical Castration are welcome. Your contact details will not be visible to other readers.

Other Posts on Current Affairs: Rick Warren

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