Loss And Bereavement Poetry: Weep For A While

Posted at 20:36pm on 29th July 2009


The poem about loss and bereavement that follows came to me within an hour. I am not a poet! From time to time, however, rhyming verses appear in my mind with such lightening speed that I can barely get them down in time. This is what happened here. The entire first verse – which is about coping with grief – occurred to me instantly. As the result of a Tweet!

In reality, the words of comfort had probably been fomenting for more than a day, partly because this week was the anniversary of my daughter's death, and partly because yesterday I was commenting on the social networking site Informed Ideas For Writers – a LinkedIn group – about the pain and sorrow which seem to plague some people, interminably. Not, you understand, that I am condemning anyone. Grief and bereavement are not time-definitive: they last as long as they last.

But there is a sense in which we may not wish to let go. A sense in which each of us may contrive to envelop ourselves in our grief, in the way that a child hugs a comfort blanket to itself. And it’s not always healthy to do so!

I have written other poetry for bereavement but here I want to make a distinction. These verses are not intended to be exclusively for those who are left to mourn a death, but are meant to be comfort poetry for anyone suffering loss of any sort: be it job, marriage, home or financial security. My hope is that the pain and sorrow to which you have fallen victim will be healed in these words of comfort.

This is a work in progress. If you have suggestions to make to improve the verse, please let me know in the comment box below.

Comfort Poetry: Weep A While

Weep a while for what might have been

Let grief rest, but not nest, in your heart.

Then smile a while for all that went well,

And tell sorrow it’s time to depart.

For tears and grief, like a rising flood,

Will bear all that is past in their path.

Til their task is done and the rising sun

Brings new light in the night’s aftermath.

For from the ark, when dispelled is the dark,

Will appear, like a mountain, a peak.

So let sorrow take flight, like a dove on the wing,

To return with fresh hope in its beak.

Then look to the heavens for what’s yet to come

And trust that what’s gone is redeemed.

For the ark and the peak and the dove that is God

Offer more than you ever have dreamed.


Thank you for reading this far. I hope you've found it helpful. If you've come to my website because you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, and the struggle is overwhelming, do take a look at other related articles by clicking on the following links.

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If you would like to get in touch, privately, e-mail me at author@melmenzies.co.uk and I promise I’ll send you a personal reply.

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Your Comments:

29th July 2009
at 8:52pm

I really love what you have so far.

Thought I'd just pop in to say that.

Margaret Eckersley
30th July 2009
at 7:39am

After reading this two or three times and thinking about the
wording a sense of peace envelops one. Lovely poem indeed.

Mel Menzies
30th July 2009
at 8:16am

Thank you for the kind comments. What I'd like to hear is
how verse 3 line 2 might be improved. It's a bit clumsy as it

30th July 2009
at 11:51am

Purely a technical comment, this. You are striving to achieve a
poem that both scans and rhymes. But it does not scan. Try reading
it aloud and 'beating time' with a finger on the table;
you'll find it doesn't work.

Lovely thoughts, though.

Mel Menzies
30th July 2009
at 6:31pm

Thank you Tracy, Margaret and Paul.

You're quite right, Paul, I did try beating time to see if
it scanned whilst I was writing it but - as I said - I'm not a
poet and evidently I don't have a good sense of rhythm
either.;)) Not only that, I now realise that the theology's not
very sound. P'raps I'd be better sticking to prose?

21st August 2009
at 6:27pm

My favorite line is:

"For the ark and the peak and the dove that is God~

Offer more than you ever have dreamed."

Regret I think is the most haunting thing of all. It takes in
all that we dismissed when loved ones were alive or younger.

What you wrote 'about' your poem is to me personally as
if not more, haunting than the poem itself. It isn't that one
is better than the other, it is only that for me, it brought a
different "tear" of understanding. Sometimes I think
rhyming in a poem can be distracting. Not that it is in your poem
above mind you, I mean that in general. I think what you prefaced
your poem with, actually IS a poem. Your heart is more understood
in it and to me that is what poetry is all about.. unveiling the
heart. LOVELY though.. both efforts Mel.. LOVELY indeed. ~Kathy
(your Twitter friend, KathysArt)

21st August 2009
at 6:29pm

Ahh I just wrote a comment.. Please tell me it only went to be
approved or not and did not just disappear. ~Kathy

Wonderful poem!

Mel Menzies
21st August 2009
at 10:34pm

Kathy, that is so generous of you. I know you are a Real Poet,
so I value what you've said, enormously. Thank you dear

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