Do Recycled Articles Increase Traffic To Website?

Posted at 15:19pm on 30th July 2010

Is your blog green? In an era when we’re being urged to recycle – well, pretty well anything, really – how do you recycle your blog articles? Do you, in fact, do so? Or are they, once you’ve written them, the equivalent of being un-biodegradable, as far as you’re concerned?


True, recycling old newspapers saves trees; but recycled articles do more than save you writing time and effort. They also help to hammer home your message to your readers. And this is an important point!

I think it was Billy Graham who once said that a person has to hear the gospel message seven times, on average, before it sinks in. This is no less true for the readers of your blog. So, unless you are writing entirely for your own ends (in which case, I would suggest that your blog won’t last long) you need to be thinking in terms of how to convey that message in different ways, in different articles.


I’m not talking here about recycled ideas. The subject matter of your article remains the same. The way in which you present it is what changes.

One method, which I’ve written of previously, is to recycle the same material in a different style. In Six Blogging Styles: Which Approach Turns You On? I’ve examined the difference between blog articles which provide information, opinion, a personal slant, are inspirational, or encourage participation – such as this one, in which I’m inviting you to comment.

Of course, in writing any article, on any subject, you may choose to incorporate a combination of these blogging styles. There’s not much point in encouraging participation, for instance, unless you are also providing information. But an article written from a personal viewpoint, may be either inspirational (look how my health / wealth prospects took off when I did a,b and c and apply the same principles to yourself) or it may be highly opinionated and controversial. “Do not follow a,b and c as B Logger has suggested, because he’s only out for himself, and his approach nearly bankrupted me.”


A second method is to contribute to third party websites, like EzineArticles, for whom I write, or to make your own articles downloadable, as I do. I’ve already written about this at length in my article Blogging, Copyright, & Free Distribution, so I won’t repeat it here, but it is worth considering.

All I will say is that in the true ethos of the internet, this free distribution allows for a free flow of information. However, it does require a certain amount of skill to ensure that you don’t fall foul of Google’s antipathy to duplicated material.


In an era when we judge everything by whether or not it is user friendly, I think we need to ask whether our blogs are reader friendly. Obviously, this entails writing in a friendly format, using a legible font, glare-free background, fast upload, and easily navigable system. But I think it’s more than that.

My brand is to provide “resources to inform, inspire, encourage” my readers. And if I’m to do that then I need to ensure that they can find what they want, when they want it. Categories and tags enable visitors to find related articles to some extent. However, as has been pointed out to me by some of my visitors, the larger my repertoire of articles becomes, the more limited is the usefulness of these methods.


So I’ve devised a Table of Contents – an Index – for each Category. Available on my Home Page, these are sub-divided and clearly titled. This means that anyone wanting to understand the fundamental principles governing the writing of an article, for example, can follow my series on the topic with ease. Just go to Article Writing & Blogging, and look for the six-part series on the subject.

My aim is to provide you, my readers, with a free flow of information, presented in a friendly format, and thus make my blogging style as reader friendly as possible. Whether that increases traffic to my website is only a secondary concern. But I’d be interested to hear from you whether you feel I’ve achieved my goal?

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