Competition - Day 14 - Thin Thighs

Posted at 10:20am on 16th September 2008


Look! I’m going to stamp my foot and cry if you don’t respond to my invitation >:( It’s very lonely blogging away here and not getting any response! I’m going to put up the third thing I’d like to do before I die (see below) and it would be great – no, really Great! – if you could let me know even one, teeny-teeny little thing you’d like to do before you die.

Not that it’s imminent, you understand. At least I hope not. But then, I suppose that’s what Dave Freeman must have thought when he wrote his book 100 Things To Do Before You Die. Naturally, his death, at the age of 47, has prompted a flurry of posts on various sites.

Oh, I see! That’s what’s worrying you. Well you know what they say about lightening striking twice in the same spot. Yes, I know it has happened. But that’s nature. For this to happen twice would be – well, not a miracle. Quite the reverse.

All I’m asking is for you to tell us all a mere 5 things you’d like to do before you die! But as I say, I’d be happy with one. Even half of one! Go on. Have a go.



This is the competition as posted on 3rd September. It finishes on 30th September.


Entry (simple): Post your comments showing the top 5 Things You’d Like To Do Before You Die (you can do them one at a time if you like).

  • Rules (also simple): All comments must be decent and realistic.
  • Prize: A free copy of my novel A Painful Post Mortem.
  • Duration: open throughout the month of September.
  • Winner: will be the comment which I consider to be the most innovative and profound.

Winner will be informed by e-mail.
Winning Comment will be announced.
Entrants’ contact details will never be revealed to any third party.



  • 1. I’d like to go to India before I die. My father used to talk to me when I was a child, of how he, and some other RAF pilots during the war, used to feed the starving children on the streets of Calcutta on a daily basis. To begin with they gave money. But that had to stop because adults took it from the children. So they bought food and watched the kids eat it. Eventually the police had to stop them doing that, too, because there were so many it started a riot.
  • 3. I believe (hope!) that I’m gonna get a new body when I die. I like to think it’s gonna be one with thin thighs. But – if I have the misfortune to have some sort of wasting disease before then – well, I’d love to have thin thighs right now.

Your Comments:

Susie Williams
16th September 2008
at 4:40pm

1. I'd like to go to Marrakesh, because it sounds exotic,
the culture is totally out of my experience and when my father was
dying he thought he was in Tankesh and that sounded quite a good
place too!

2. I'd like to see all my children become Christians and get
happily married.

3. I'd like to build a proper water feature, complete with

4. I'd like to finish the king-size quilt I started as my first
patchwork project, but which is too unwieldy to machine quilt so
will take masses of time.

5. I'd like to take painting classes, perhaps with tuition I
might learn the skills to put what I see in my mind onto paper....
or is it canvas?

Valerie Scott
16th September 2008
at 5:51pm

1. I have long wished to visit the Great Wall of China - and
I'm going there on 2nd December this year! I may only glimpse a
part of it...possibly only walk a dozen doesn't
matter. I'm really looking forward to it.

2. I would love to have my children teach me something about the
Lord because they have had personal experience of him - this would
be a joy indeed.

3.I'd like to be able to grow straight carrots...sigh! Why are
they kinky? And no, that's not disallowed under the competition

4. I think I'd quite like to be a great-grandmother before I

5. And I'd LOVE to conquer my addiction to chocolate - before
next week, let alone before I die!!! Amen!

Trevor Bartlett
16th September 2008
at 6:47pm

I would like to celebrate my 100th birthday by climbing Table
Mountain with my great great grandson!!

16th September 2008
at 10:45pm

In the spirit of neighbourly love (not to mention my concern for
your stamping foot!) here are a few things I would like to do
before I die, not necessarily in order of importance:

1. Learn to love Dickens. It's heresy, I know, but I've
never got on with his writing style.

2. Visit Naples (shouldn't everyone?)

3. Consistently produce the perfect Yorkshire pudding; one that
rises majestically into crisp pinnacles on the edges yet retains a
moist base. Nick says mine are great, but unlike me, he doesn't
come from the north of England where a housewife is judged on the
quality of her Yorkshire puddings!

4. I know this can't happen, but I'd love to become a
time traveller. I want to know what my ancestors looked like and
walk through the villages where they lived. I'd like to have
conversations with Shakespeare, Richard III, Ada Lovelace, Mary
Wollstonecraft and more. Oh well, one can dream.....

5. Discover why coloured soap always lathers white!

Celia Bartlett
17th September 2008
at 5:35pm

I would love to be slim !!!!!! ( without having to almost starve
to get there! )

I want to be a grandmother!

( No pressure girls! )

I want to know what I should be doing with the rest of my

Spend time with dolphins!

Regain memory & brain cells!

17th September 2008
at 6:57pm

Hi Mel, I see some folks have responded to your stamping foot. I
hope this is not going to lead you into unseemly petulence in
future musings!

My 5 wishes in no particular order and not necessarily
'reality' would be:

1. Travel from the original capital of China Xian along the Silk
route to the Med. Having visited China for a few days several years
ago I fell in love with the place and the people.

2. Have an artist's garret in Crete, Paris and Sienna where I
could spend months at a time painting, drawing and generally being
inspired in an artists' community.

3. Build my own eco-home with my husband Brian in the Devon
countryside. It would have an orchard, kitchen garden and
reflective garden so that my extended family and others could come
for holidays and enjoy God's creation in a quiet space.(and I
could teach my granddaughter to paint).

4. Have a supersonic plane to take me back and forth to visit my
daughter and in-laws in New Zealand without it taking 24 hours and
getting jetlag.

5. Learn to be content in all things.

wendy john
18th September 2008
at 10:02am

I would love to visit China as I was inspired as a teenager by
the books of john and isabel kuhn CIM

I would also like to visit as many opera houses as possible and,
ofcourse listen to some performances! I have the Met in New York as
my next target

I would love to visit the Hermitage in St Petersburg

Michael Brown
1st October 2008
at 5:02am

Better late than never ! The concept of defining a list of
things to do before one's death is perhaps contemporary and for
whatever reason it is in the current public consciousness spurned
on by publications like, 100 places to visit before I die. I wonder
whether this phenonemon is a reflection due to a wide ranging
malaise of the despair and drudgery of life today. There are
however many for whom life is regarded as a gift from God, which
changes the perception of our desires My list would include:

1. To paddle the River Nahana, aka the river of gold, a trip that
entails spending two weeks in a deep limestone gorge completely
isolated from the outside world with a group of friends and like
minded people !

2. To visit Mount Everest and experience the highest mountain in
the world.

3. To go to the land of the mid night sun, where it never gets

4. To enjoy the variety and diversity of the fauna and flora of the
Amazon jungle.

5. To meet up with everyone who I have known, and share with them
the life changing impact of encountering and knowing Jesus.

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