Book Review: Intelligent Church By Steve Chalke

Posted at 09:00am on 16th June 2009


AT 7.30pm ON 9th JULY, 2009

Intelligent Church by Steve Chalke

Intelligent Church by Steve Chalke is the book under discussion at the next meeting of the UV Readers’ Group. The following review, written by Simon, should whet your appetite. Unfortunately, I shall be at a meeting in London, so I have asked Anne to compile the questions and to lead the discussion. Following the event, these will be posted on this page.

How can the church connect a biblical understanding of God with 21st century culture?

Steve Chalke answers this question in a book which is dynamic and purposeful. He begins chapters by discussing an area of theology, such as the incarnation or the trinity. He then explains how an intelligent church should embody characteristics which stem from these concepts, such as diversity, honesty or inclusiveness.

At the end of each chapter is a ‘Yes but How’ section which gives suggestions about how these ideas can be applied practically. This book is insightful and inspiring, and I would recommend it as a brilliant way to think about the relevance and purpose of the church in today’s world.

Reviewed by SW

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