Book Marketing Mistakes 3 & 4

Posted at 03:22am on 27th November 2010
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My last post, offered solutions to two mistakes often made by aspiring authors when marketing their books. This article, by Wheatmark, continues that theme.

Mistake No. 3: Not Laying the Groundwork for Your Marketing Outreach

The mistake so many marketers make is that they conjoin the urgency of making another sale with the timing to earn the right to make that sale. In other words, you must build trust before you need it. Building trust right when you want to make a sale is just too late. Seth Godin

The third crucial mistake that many authors make is delaying the development of their author platform and marketing outreach until after their book has been published. It takes a great deal of time and effort to establish yourself as a trusted presence with the audience to whom you are trying to market your book.

How to Avoid Mistake No. 3:

Begin your publicity, sales, and marketing research and networking as early as possible. Use your existing contacts; start commenting on relevant blogs; join pertinent groups and attend meetings; volunteer for a related cause; partner with another person who shares a common interest or expertise in your books subject. Make the effort and give yourself time to establish relationships and make valuable connections that will help when youre ready to begin your marketing in earnest.

Mistake No. 4: Not Creating a Customized, Strategic Book Marketing Plan

Strategy and timing are the Himalayas of marketing. Everything else is the Catskills.- Al Ries


The last major marketing mistake that many authors make is not creating a well-thought-out, targeted marketing plan that takes into consideration their specific core audience, budget, and time line. This is where the Book Marketecture workbook comes in handy.

How to Avoid Mistake No. 4:

Complete the exercises and incorporate the ideas in the Book Marketecture workbook to:

  1. Identify and hone your personal vision of marketing success.
  2. Identify and hone your key marketing message and core target audience.
  3. Create a marketing budget and time line.
  4. and implement strategic marketing techniques that will get your core marketing message to your target audience within your budget and time line, to achieve your personal vision of marketing success.

If you do nothing else to market your book, at the very least take the time to clearly and precisely identify your books message and market. These two elements will create the foundation that informs all of your marketing, sales, and publicity decisions.

Marketing your book may seem like a daunting process, and it certainly can involve a lot of time, money, and hard work. But by identifying your books core market and key message early, you will be able to focus your efforts on those marketing opportunities with the best chances of success.

Hopefully, you began the process of identifying your books market and message before you even began writing, but if you havent yet pinpointed who your ideal reader is, and exactly what it is about your book that they will find uniquely informative and/or entertaining, this workbook will guide you through the process.

Keep in mind: the more thorough you are now, the easier and more successful your book marketing plan will be.

This post has been taken from: Book Marketecture: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Creating Your Book Marketing Plan, and has been used by permission.
Copyright 2008 Wheatmark, Inc. All rights reserved. V.1.Published by Wheatmark� 610 East Delano Street, Suite 104 Tucson, Arizona 85705 U.S.A.

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