5 Things I'd Like To Do Before I Die - Competition Final Day

Posted at 19:19pm on 30th September 2008

It’s been fun thinking of the five things I’d like to do before I die – but quite difficult, too. I suppose your own death is one of those things you rarely consider. We all like to think we’re immortal. Or perhaps not, the way things are going? Eternal, then!

My fifth and final wish is posted below. I’d like to thank you again for participating in this competition. I’ve a pretty good idea who I’m going to choose as the winner – the one thing that stood out for me. It may be the least likely for you, of course, but my father always used to say that he and I were inveterate purveyors of useless information. Tiny minds, you see!

Anyway – today is the closing day for the Competition, so I’m going to keep you waiting a little longer. THERE’S STILL TIME FOR YOU TO COMMENT ON THE FIVE THINGS YOU’D LIKE TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE. OR TO HELP ME MAKE MY CHOICE OF WINNER. If you haven’t seen the previous comments, follow the links to Competition Day 14 – Thin Thighs and from there the links to the previous Post. I’d be really grateful if you’d leave a comment letting me know which you find the most original and philosophical.

This is the competition as posted on 3rd September. It finishes TODAY.


ENTRY (simple): Post your comments showing the top 5 Things You’d Like To Do Before You Die (you can do them one at a time if you like).

RULES (also simple): All comments must be decent and realistic.

PRIZE: A free copy of my novel A Painful Post Mortem.

CLOSING DATE: 30th of September.

WINNER: will be the comment which I consider to be the most innovative and profound.

Winner will be informed by e-mail.
Winning Comment will be announced.
Entrants’ contact details will never be revealed to any third party.


  1. I’d like to go to India before I die. My father used to talk to me when I was a child, of how he, and some other RAF pilots during the war, used to feed the starving children on the streets of Calcutta on a daily basis. To begin with they gave money. But that had to stop because adults took it from the children. So they bought food and watched the kids eat it. Eventually the police had to stop them doing that, too, because there were so many it started a riot.
  3. I believe (hope!) that I’m gonna get a new body when I die. I like to think it’s gonna be one with thin thighs. But – if I have the misfortune to have some sort of wasting disease before then – well, I’d love to have thin thighs right now.
  4. All the F’s. Forgiveness, Faith and trust for my Family, and an end to a Family Feud.
  5. Having had one of my books reach No.4 in the UK’s Sunday Times Bestseller list, I’d love to see my novel, A Painful Post Mortem do likewise. It’s a story of love, heartache and ultimate peace and forgiveness. It sells for £7.99 (not much more than a café latte) and ALL PROFITS ARE FOR CHARITY. (Details available on my Links page). To purchase from my website, Amazon or elsewhere, click on my Books page.

I'll post news of the winner in a day or two. See you then . . .

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