Time To Shine

A mystery and a marriage mender, with a psychological twist

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With a broken marriage behind her and an impoverished future ahead, counsellor, Evie Adams, comforts herself with a quirky take on wealth and ostentation.  Faced with a well-to-do client whose husband has become inexplicably hostile, however, Evie's compassionate side comes to the fore.
Why, she wonders, should Julia Worth's marriage be at risk simply because she's found a new friend and taken up charity work?  When a murky past and long ago events linking Carl Worth and the new friend come to light, she is determined to help Julia learn the art of assertiveness and to fulfil her potential.
Meanwhile, in helping Julia on her journey to achieve fulfilment in her life and resolution with her husband, Evie discovers that it is, also, her own Time to Shine.



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Torbay writer Mel Menzies has already had a Sunday Times Bestseller.  In her new book she takes apart a marriage brick by brick.  This psychological mystery explores hypocrisy, forgiveness and fulfilment and it's a fascinating glimpse into the process of psychotherapy.

An uplifting and heartwarming read, Time to Shine takes its title in part from the beautiful acceptance speech made by Nelson Mandela, "We're all meant to shine . . ."

Published by Malcolm Down Publishing


***** By David Scott, Former Newspaper Editor & Author on 6 Dec 2014

A beautifully written and thoughtful book centred on relationships which will strike a chord with many people. My heart went out to Julia as she struggled to cope with a husband striving to reach the top in the business world and teenagers with their own agenda and emotions. A well developed storyline makes this a book hard to put down. Mel Menzies' insights into people, their feelings, dramas and worries had me nodding my head in agreement throughout

***** An excellent read!
By WMC on 25 Nov 2014

This book is difficult to put down at times. You soon immerse yourself in the lives of both Evie, the `counsellor' and Julia the `client'. I especially found the contrast of placing Evie in the first person present tense and Julia in the third person narrative very enriching.
The story keeps you guessing all the way through as to what the `mystery' is and how Julia will cope when her family starts to fall apart. Is there still hope that through the gentle counselling of Evie, Julia will learn to forgive and so keep the family together, but most of all discover how she can `shine' in her own right? And you only get the answers to these question right at the end!
I can highly recommend this book and am looking forward to Mel's next book in this series, set in the beautiful Cathedral city of Exeter, Devon.

***** By Annie Try, Clinical Psychologist on 9 Jan. 2015
Being a psychologist myself, I love to read novels about psychology and counselling. This book does not disappoint. Mel Menzies' portrayal of Evie Adams the counsellor is spot-on. I loved the details such as flicking an imaginary speck of dust off her clothes, in order to gain time to think, when with her client, Julia. Mel Menzies' accomplished characterisations extend to even the minor characters which, combined with an excellent storyline and great setting, adds up to a 5* read.

***** By David Grieve on 27 Jan. 2015
I'm so glad I've read this novel. I was gripped from the first page, and found the story riveting, convincing, enthralling, involving, and never needing to sensationalise in order to keep the reader's attention. The central theme is the death and rebirth of a marriage, documented in its stages by the device of visits by Julia, the betrayed wife, to Evie Adams a percipient counsellor. The latter's name is significant but, while the author is a committed Christian, she chooses to make Evie an agnostic on her own journey, while it is Julia who moves towards faith.
The narrative moves well, changing from first person (Evie) to third, and describing various subplots and dramatic twists. The denouement is satisfying! despite some inevitable pathos. This volume is the first of a series, and Time to Shine leaves some threads untied. I'm looking forward to the next volume.
Highly commended!

Enjoying the book! Mary Taylor

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book Merrilyn I couldn't put it down! You certainly kept the suspense of what had really happened between Carl and Julia alive right to the end! So many positives too about using ones gifts.
Congratulations on a great piece of writing.
Sue Day



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