Mel's Online Book Club: Questions For: Faith In The Fog: Believing In What You Cannot See By Jeff Lucas

Posted at 09:53am on 28th June 2014

FAITH IN THE FOG: by Jeff Lucas

NB: Page numbers below relate to Kindle pages
Click here for Discussion Summary of Faith in the Fog
1. Time Trapped. 31-46
·        Do we wish we could go back in time as the disciples went back to Galilee to fish? If so why? Isn’t our past shame washed away?
·        Are we guilty of the ‘tokenism’ of territory and tradition? Is this what Jesus died for? Do we turn to clichés and slogans?
·        Are we addicted to the ‘instant’; to ‘epic encounters’? Do we believe that revival would ‘fix’ our culture? That the path to glory is wonderful - unless it’s paved with pain?
2. A Broken Pier 47-72
·        Is it true that ‘we can be quick to count ourselves in if there is news of judgement and punishment but rush to count ourselves out if there in…blessing, purpose or calling’?
·        Does being a ‘new creation’ mean that we are instantly transformed?
·        How do we ‘hear’ God? What about speaking in tongues / interpretation / prophecy?
·        Is it possible to be a Christian and suffer from depression?    Or are the ‘thought police’ right?
3. Behold, I Come Quietly 73-88
·        What do we understand from the Henri Nouwen quote?
·        Lucas says: ‘he (Jesus) let them work all night’ and, ‘instead of…solving the problem, he handed (it to them) to solve.’ Is this ‘abandonment’ what we expect?
·        Does this ‘abandonment’ have a purpose? Do we ignore it at our peril?
4. Bringing An Offering of Nothing 89-106
·        What sort of God/Jesus do we worship?
·        What is the truth?
·        Is it ethical to set boundaries?
5. By the Fire 107-126
·        What do we understand from the Malcolm Muggeridge and Martin Luther quotes?
·        Are we any good at receiving or would we rather give?
·        Do you believe we are ‘addicted to shame’? How does that manifest itself in your life?
6. Let’s Eat 127-142
·        Is it our aim, when we feel low, to want to be super-human? Why is this not good?
·        What is the correct course of action?
·        What does it mean to be ‘whole’: a Christian but also human?
·        What is prayer?
7. Jesus, I Am Not In Love With You 143-158
·        What do we think about some of the songs we sing?
·        What does real love consist of?
8. Making God Look Good 159-170
·        How does suffering strengthen trust?
·        Have we made, or been on the receiving end of, promises that God will intervene, and then laid the blame elsewhere when he doesn’t?
9. Follow Me? 171-184
·        Has anyone experienced what Hudson Taylor said about trust?
·        Or the concept that, even in the fog of unanswered questions / doctrines, it would take more faith to walk away from faith than to remain in it?
10. Mind Your Own Business 185-
·        Do we have an expectation that the church should be able to ‘walk on water’? Are we critical / dissatisfied with the church - ours, as well as others when it doesn’t?
·        Do we have a sense of ‘unfairness’ when it comes to suffering?
·        Do we *honestly* believe in diversity, or are we prepared to be offended?
·        Have we experienced the Holy Spirit as ‘more than power…as personality…the Spirit of Christ’?

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24th October 2015
at 5:38am
Beautiful pink fog touch to the photo of sunrise . Pink Fog DOES sound like the name of a rock group Mel Torme is about my speed for a rock siengr too!Pam

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