Review Of The Torn Veil By Gulshen Esther For July Book Club Meeting

Posted at 00:47am on 30th July 2010

I was asked if I would take this book on for Readers’ Group, and I have to say that, although I agreed, I wasn’t wildly enthusiastic. How wrong can you be! It was what someone once dubbed one of my earliest books: a one-bath-book. You don’t notice that the water’s getting cold because you can’t stop reading ‘til you get to the end!

This was certainly a compelling read. And – amazingly – despite the author’s experience of miracles that don’t chime with the world as you and I know it, I found all unbelief (or should that be disbelief?) was suspended. If we, in the West, knew a tenth of the faith, love and trust that this young Muslim woman knew on her conversion to Christianity, we would be rich indeed.

This Book Review, written by Mel Menzies, will be posted with others and may be accessed here Book Reviews, Questions & Discussion Summaries For Book Clubs. An article giving the Book Club Questions and Discussion Summary will follow in a few days. As always, these may be used as a resource for other Readers' Groups.

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