Readers Group Questions: Intelligent Church By Steve Chalke - 9.7.2009

Posted at 04:05am on 4th July 2009
  1. What exactly do you believe about God? (in a nutshell)
  2. What are the non-negotiables of church – what are the things that make a church a church?
  3. Is there a difference between how we ‘do’ church at and how we should/could do it eg. should we discard the building and get a more modern one that would be less intimidating to the non- churched?
  4. Before we can be more inclusive of the local community how can we be more inclusive ‘in-house’ eg why do the young people (30s and 40s) who put up for the leadership team fail to get on time and time again?
  5. Who is the local community?
  6. Should the church be open 24/7 serving the local community?
  7. How can church become more ‘messy’? Are we too middle class?
  8. How can we change the perception of Christianity from a message of ‘do not’ to one of hope and love?
  9. What do people think is their main stumbling block with inviting people to church?
  10. Can we think of any ways that we could become more engaged with our local town centre community?
  11. In what ways would you like the church to become more honest? eg use of everyday language Bible
  12. What do you think of the Faithworks Charter?
  13. Try to make the Faithworks Charter more user-friendly.

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