New Year Greetings And A Hope For Happiness

Posted at 04:57am on 1st January 2010


I hope you’ve all enjoyed your New Year’s Eve revelry without having to endure any adverse after effects! My beloved and I were invited to several parties but, as the one we accepted was cancelled due to our hostess’s ill-health, we decided to celebrate at home alone. I have an eight-hour train journey to endure tomorrow so I’m not altogether sorry.


But it occurs to me that there may be those who find the whole Christmas / New Year celebrations a painful and lonely experience. So I’ve revised and updated an old blog post about happiness - with a suggestion as to how it might be found - and would suggest that it has something to say to all of us. Take a look at it here: Sex Or Chocolate? Chocolate Or Sex? How Would YOU Define Happiness?


Also, as it’s New Year, I’m putting up the link for the first Newsletter of 2010: A New Year, A New Life, A New Beginning. Normally this is available by subscription only. So if you’d like to subscribe FREE, please do so by registering here. I shall only be contacting you monthly, and will never, ever divulge your contact details to anyone else.


Meantime, thank you for taking the time to visit my website, read my articles and comment upon them. I appreciate your support, and hope that you will always find something of interest in An Authors Look At Life: Resources to Inform, Inspire and Encourage. May I wish you peace, happiness and good health for 2010 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Mel Menzies: Author of a number of books, one a No 4 Bestseller, Mel is also an experienced Speaker at live events, as well as on Radio and TV.

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