National Poetry Day: My Poem, Picked For A Purpose

Posted at 11:49am on 6th October 2016
A seed, a weed, is sown and grown,
This is your life, you know!
The soil, the toil till it’s full blown
Bring happiness and woe.
The root, the shoot, the stem and leaf
The pain the rain of life,
The sun, your joy, gives way to grief
As struggles become rife.
Nipped in the bud you wonder why
Your battles are in vain,
But that’s not true, it’s not goodbye
Dark days may be a gain.
The buds, the floods, the bugs and weeds
Bring strength to leaf and stem
A flower appears, and on it beads
Of sweetness, dear, Amen!
And with it come the bees to feed
On what you have to offer
Let not their need, nor ev’n their greed
Hold back what you might proffer.
Then your blossom grows, and with it glows
A heart so full of love
That all around everyone knows
It must be from above.
The joy you bring makes others sing
You’re picked for a purpose, see
The fruit you bear resembles the King,
To whom all glory be.



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