Iraq: Searching For Hope

Posted at 08:00am on 10th January 2008

UV Readers’ Group met to talk about Andrew White’s book Iraq: Searching For Hope published by Continuum Publishing Ltd. It was a lively evening! Lots of cake, coffee and chat. The topic, naturally, attracted a fair few men, and the Readers’ Notes I had devised – although inconclusive – were deemed by all to be quite challenging. These included the following issues (taken from the book) for discussion:

  • On Reconciliation: Whilst it is not acceptable to deal directly with terrorists . . .there are those who have access to these people, and some influence over them, and we have to talk to them. Do we share this view?
  • On Evil: One of the leading Shia clerics said that people had no choice but to obey (Saddam’s) regime, but it is only enjoying what you are forced to do that makes it evil. Are goodness and evil absolutes?
  • On Vision: When building Coventry Cathedral (UK), one workman spoke of “putting lead in windows to hold the glass in place” and another of “building a Cathedral.” Could this philosophy inspire and empower our lives?

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