Answers To Fun Christmas Quiz 2008

Posted at 17:05pm on 22nd December 2008

You have, obviously, all had too much on your minds to think about this Fun Christmas Quiz. Or perhaps, with all the perplexities of planning menus and bedroom combinations for visiting family members over the festive period, your brain simply couldn’t accommodate more? All I can say is: you will be kicking yourselves when you see the answers!

Here are the questions again:


  1. How many children did Queen Elizabeth II have?
  2. What was the full name of the captain of the Titanic?
  3. What was the name of the President Elect of USA in 1968?

And here are the answers:


14th November1948 Prince Charles was born
15th August 1950 Princess Anne was born
2nd June 1953 Queen Elizabeth II was crowned
19th February 1960 Prince Andrew was born
10th March 1964 Prince Edward was born

Therefore, as two of her four children were born to Elizabeth before she became Queen, the answer is 2.

The full name of the captain of the Titanic was Edward John Smith

It’s true that in the Fall of 1968 Richard M Nixon was President Elect. However, look again at the question.
On 4th August 1961 Barack Obama was born. He is the President Elect, and his name in 1968 was the same then as it is now in 2008. God bless America!


On the 19th of December 2008, Margot Evans said ...
Hello,I'm hoping my answers are correct ;)

  1. 4
  2. Edward John Smith
  3. Richard Milhous Nixon

Unfortunately, Margot was correct on only one of the answers - No.2. However, if she would like to send me a postal address, I’ll ensure that she gets a compensation prize.

Thanks to all who visited my website over the last month to puzzle over the Quiz. Have a great Christmas. See you soon.

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