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As Chairman of a national writers' association, I've had the privilege of meeting with some notable names: authors, publishers and speakers.  This year it was Sheridan Voysey with whom I shared a platform.  Author and broadcaster, he had some inspirational ideas about launching, marketing and promoting a book.  LINK COMING SOON.

Last year it was Tom Wright whom I interviewed.  Also known as N T Wright, he is the author of more than thirty books, some of them scholarly, some of a more popular ilk.

When, I asked him, did he start writing?  Where does he write?  How does he get his ideas.  TO HEAR HIS ANSWERS, CLICK THE BUTTON ON THE RIGHT.


My new book - a novel, titled Time to Shine.  The first of a series, it's a gentle psychological mystery, solved not by detectives but by counsellor, Evie Adams.  Watch this space for further details and extracts.


my article Meet The Author, commissioned by The Reader magazine; and an interview I gave for journalist Jeremy Craddock in the next edition of Devon Life.


Scroll down to access numerous articles on all the above categories, including articles on Public Speaking in the Marketing section of Writing & Publishing A Book 

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An Interview with Tom Wright

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Wright at the CRT Retreat. Have a listen!

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